Does Sam Have A Companion Quest

Does Sam Have A Companion Quest

Does Sam Have A Companion Quest. You're going to need a key to do so. The quest waypoint shows you that you need to get through a locked door.

Does Sam Have A Companion Quest
The Outer Worlds How To Get All Companions And Complete Their Quests from

You have an absolutely devastating ally who doesn't care which side you work for. Your job is to get that part. Each companion has a stat value for three skills, which will provide a boost to those skills when they are in your party.

All members of the circle are werewolves and, as such during an early companion quest, proving honor, an attack on farkas by the silver hand can be witnessed from within a locked room.

All in all, i thought nyoka and max were the only ones that were good. Sam in the outer worlds is a companion that can follow you around on your journey with quests and objectives of their own. To do so, you will have to go to roseway. The companions also have a secret.

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